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Amateur NSFW gay artist, still learning how to draw. Big fan of spooky Halloween stuff. Will make a game, someday.


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Commission info

Posted by OniDrawfriend - December 13th, 2018

Current status: CLOSED


Bust sketch: 20€
Waist-up sketch: 25€
Full body sketch: 30€

Bust, full colors: 30€
Waist-up, full colors: 40€
Full body, full colors: 50€

-Please send me a description of what you’d want me to draw to begin with, along with reference pictures when possible. Also, I'd ask you to please have a look at my gallery before you commission anything so that you can have an idea about what to expect, and to make sure it's something you think would look good if I drew it.

-Payment will be processed through Paypal and work will begin immediately after. In return, I will provide a WIP look at how the drawing’s coming along whenever it’s required or input is needed before it’s done. Making changes to the drawing before moving on to the next stage should be free unless they imply an overhaul of the whole/a major part of the drawing.

-I’m not currently working within deadlines. I will, however, try to work as quickly as possible and always keep the commissioners up to date on the state of their drawings. A good guideline for what to expect should be about a week from payment to completion.

-Simple pattern/gradient/etc backgrounds will be provided, free of charge. If you want a more complex background, let me know.

-Please consider that I reserve the right to refuse requests at my discretion, especially before commissioning NSFW content. I’m currently starting out with this and there’s some things I’m not really comfortable with drawing for money. No blatant fetish content (futa, guro, vore, scat, loli, shota, foot focus, macro/micro, etc.) either, even if it may appear to be SFW. If you’re not sure what would count, please contact me so that we can work that out.

-Please ask before commissioning rule 34 as well.

-No furry, large animals or complicated designs (power armor, mechanisms, etc.)

-No politically charged content / social commentary. I have no wish to get my art involved in any sort of controversy.

-Not drawing comics/sequential art/reference sheets at the moment.

-An extra character on a drawing will be priced at 75% of its usual cost. Only taking up to two characters per drawing at the moment.

-You will receive a non-watermarked, full resolution (usually 1280x1280 or 1280x1700) version of the drawing at the end. You’re free to repost it as you please, but being credited along with it would be appreciated.